Multimedia Solutions
Enhancing Ministry With Technology

Who is MinistrySense?
Software, Webcasting, 26+ years

Why should I do business with MinistrySense?
Subscribers First, Meet Your Needs, Experience

Why does MinistrySense call churches?
Send PDF, Video Person, Pastor

Is MinistrySense's Video Gallery easy?
One Link, Easy Add, Easy Upload

How does someone get started? (Get Started)
iPad/Tripod/Wifi, Youtube, Video Gallery

What kind of camera should a church get?
iPad, Mevo, Robotic

How is MinistrySense's Video Gallery different?
Content From Anywhere, Easy, Church-Centric

What is webcasting?
Broadcasting on the Internet (LS,VOD,PC)

What is live streaming and how does it work?
Camera(s)/Wifi, Real-Time Video, Media Server

What is Video-on-Demand?
Video Archives

What is a podcast?
Information File, Points To Content, Podcast Client

How can churches use video conferencing?
Campuses, Meetings, Sunday School/Youth

What are MinistrySense packages?
Camera(s), MinistrySense Webcasting, MinistrySense Video Gallery

My church's videos look bad. How do we make them better?
Processor/Memory, Bandwidth, Encoding Options

How does MinistrySense protect a church's content, e.g. keep bad stuff out?
ID, PW, Location

How do people access a MinistrySense Video Gallery? plus
/id (public), /id/s (private), /id/a (private)

What browsers work with MinistrySense  Galleries?
Desktop, Mobile, Considerations

What are the two most important MinistrySense tables and why?
Webcast, Services, Require Exact Entries

Why switch from a pay CDN service (average of $80)?
Save $$, Easy, Church-Centric

Why add a Video Gallery to free Facebook/YouTube?
Ad-Free, Church-Centric, Easy
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